About Us

The global Jewish medical community is fast emerging as a dynamic and forceful presence at the forefront of medical innovation and practice. The Jewish Medical Network was formed to provide a multifaceted and dynamic platform for like-minded professionals with shared values and ideals. Initiated by Chemed Healthcare, the mission is driven purely by the inherent value of collaboration.

The JMN aims to facilitate the sharing of medical and health related education, ideas, opinions and opportunities. In addition, the benefits generated by the relationships developed within this global community are immeasurable.


Rabbi Professor
Steinberg, MD

Hadassa Medical School

Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz, MD

Founder and Director, Jerusalem Medical Ethic Forum

Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt, MD

Chairman of Medicine and Chief of Infectious Diseases/Hospital Epidemiologist at Mount Sinai South Nassau in Oceanside, NY

Mr. Jeffrey Adest, JD

Partner/Director at Garfunkel Wild, P.C.